Eurotrial 2019

Press release Eurotrial 2019 in Raisio 9.-11. August 2019

On the soft and smooth rocks of Raisio Racetrack is the place to be in August 2019. It is there we separate men or women from mice when European championship of Off Road Trial starts. The 5 different competition classes are the scene where several European countries teams compete with the only goal of winning without forgetting the joy of competing. The main organiser is Raision Urheiluautoilijat ry with its main co-operating association Mad Moose Racing ry. Helping with the organising is also  two other smaller associations: Harbour Cruisers and Monte Negro Off Road Club. Without forgetting many officials that represent several motosport associations around the Southern part of Finland. The making of a succesful competition depends on these volunteers that sacrifice their time and effort for the benefit of the competition, without forgetting the commercial contacts that help to make the competition happen.

Eurotrial was chosen to be organised by Finland for the year 2019 after many reguests by competing countries. Finland is known to be a fabulous country where everything works and happens by the plan. The Eurotrial competition has been held in Finland twice already – last in Polvijärvi in Northern Carelia in 2006. Raisio is a location which is easily reached as the harbours of Turku and Naantali are really conveniently close by – only about 15 minutes away from the actual race area. For the public this is a great opportunity to get to know Raisio race track, a developing race area which is growing to serve many types of motorsports in the near future. Turku region is a rich environment with lots of activities and many things to see and experience during the race week for the competing teams and their fans. Even the Moomins live here! There is 17 countries in the Eurotrial organisation and about 12 countries in average take part in the competitions. We are waiting about 100-120 race teams to Raisio.

The race begins on Friday by free practising and parade. The parade starts from the race area and heads to a close by service station: ABC Raisio and back to the race area. Friday is a no admittance day and it is possible for the public to get to know the race area and its services for free. Saturday and Sunday as actual race days are also easily accessed by the public for their reasonable ticket prices: 20e/day, 30e/the whole weekend.

Competition classes and Off Road Trials short introduction:


Cars in this class are stock 4x4 cars, that are not allowed to have many alterications. Armouring is the biggest change allowed. These cars are not seen in Finnish competitions due to lack of competitors. Max. tire size is 825x275 mm. with Mud terrain-type of patterning, tread depth being max. 16mm.


Buildt stock cars, with slightly more free changes than in Original. Tire max. size being 900mm.


Cars in this class have gone through more structural changes, mutta they still look like stock cars. Body is free from “waist” up, motor and gears free. Tires free, max. rim size is 18”.                                                                                                                                                   


is a class where structural changes are more allowed. Typically a car with pipe frame. Motor, gear and axles free. Even this car has to remind a car by having a hood, fenders/mudguards and body plates, material of building is free. Tires max. diameter 1000mm. Turning brakes are allowed.


In this class almost anything is allowed. For example 4-tire steering and flipping the body hydraulically. Body steering is not allowed. Max. tire diameter is 1250mm. In this class it is possible to put all your skills into effect concerning building cars.   

Off Road Trial:

There is typically 4-6 sections in a competition, that are driven twice. On sections the max. performance time is 3-5 minutes. On a section, there is 3-5 gates that are to be driven through in numerological order. Competitor gets minus points by backing down, touching route marks or falling, touching or breaking sections marking bands and failing to go through a gate. Gates are marked by each classes own colour and they are to be driven by the ordered direction. Gate colours are: Original/blue, Standard/white, Modified/yellow, Promodified/black and Prototype/red.

More information of the Eurotrial competition is available by the Pr and marketing team: Satu Lautkankare and Paula Närvä, or +358405818846